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Beerus sees him as a brat and potential heir to his status as God of Destruction but it soon turns into love as the Destroyer soon sees Naruto as his son. Given that, Beerus will ….

Chunin Exam Lovers By: Darkmagicdragon. Naruto and his team take part in the Chunin Exams and things get interesting for Naruto when he meets a paper angel, a desert rose, and lavender heiress. Harem but, no lemons, yet. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Adventure - Naruto U., Hinata H., Temari, Konan - Chapters: 5 - Words: …Ino said "What exactly is the Hiraishin you are talking about." Jaraiya said "Its the jutsu that earned the Yodaime the nickname yellow flash." Ino said "Oh. If Naruto drawed those strang kunia he used before then his was a red flash but it ate his chakra like a kid in a candy store. After doing it almost 200 times he was almost dead from ...With that, the platinum blonde haired kunoichi brushed past him, disappearing into the crowd. Naruto stood there in a stupor, a hand reaching up to touch his cheek for a moment. He swallowed and quietly made his way out of the crowd, making his way towards Kakashi. The one-eyed jounin saw him and nodded slightly.

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Without anything to say lets begin. Set in Stone: Chapter 17. Senju Compound. Hinata was sparring with Hanabi in their gentle fist style with Tsubaki, Tsunade, Shizune and Akamaru all watching from the side lines. Hinata ducked under one of Hanabi's strikes and retaliated with palm strike under Hanabi's chin knocking her off balance; Hinata ...Ino deepened the hug, rubbing her hand on the back over his clothes. Then the flood works happened. Unsure why but the overwhelming emotions combined with the foreign sensation of a hug, the Uzumaki child, unable to process his feelings broke down and started crying. It wasn't the soft, single tear crying though.Sakura watched in abject horror as Naruto DITCHED her to follow after Ino of all people! She fell to the floor in a dead faint. Back at Sasuke's, the two teens had finally taken a breather. Hinata's lips were bruised and her neck was a bit splotchy from all of the love bites her new fiancé had given her.Eternal Sunshine By: MegaDarkly. The dry, chilly wind of winter comes to an end and the cool, balmy breeze of spring turns old leaves anew. Flowers blossoming, love blooming; Mei Terumi finds herself in a state of eternal bliss. Post-4th-War NarutoXMei.

Konoha Hospital. Like shining fingers, sun rays peered through the open windows and lit awake the dank white walls with their luster. The gentle click of the door and slight shuffling of footsteps breathed a new life in the silent space. …Jun 28, 2013 · Ino looks over at TenTen and nods in agreement. Hinata just looks around nervously while Temari just shakes her head. The girls set up a little get together at the spa since they hadn't had one since before the war. "Hey I bet that's Naruto screaming," exclaims Ino! TenTen looks whips her head around to look at Ino, "Oh shit I think your right! A funny feeling that only occurs when I lay eyes on you. I cannot explain it to Naruto and Sakura. They think it is love. Love is an interesting word. It can be said so many ways but still mean the same thing. But the most interesting part about love is that even though it is a monosyllabic word, it is probably one of the hardest ones to say.Ino Crusade By: maverick9871. An accident durring the chunnin exam fight between Sakura and Ino begins a new life for not only Ino but Naruto also. NarutoxIno. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Ino Y., Naruto U. - Words: 16,014 - Reviews: 210 - Favs: 473 - Follows: 502 - Published: Mar 7, 2008 - id: 4118296. + -.

A Most Unlikely Attraction By: Snowrries. Naruto and Jiraiya are looking for Tsunade so she can heal Kakashi and Sasuke, and become the fifth hokage. Tsunade isn't traveling alone. She has an apprentice with her. The apprentices are drawn to each other. Naruto X Shizune. Naruto: The Lonely Boy Gets the Girl By: Samswordsman123. After Sasuke calls her annoying, Sakura feels sorry for her behavior toward Naruto and apologizes. Their relationship betters and Sakura's feelings for Sasuke begin to fade as she spends time with the blonde prankster. But a dark man threatens to tear them apart as Naruto and his … ….

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When Ino came to Sakura with a magazine that would teach 21 steps to make a guy fall in love with her, the pink-haired ninja knew that this time she would definitely succeed in making Sasuke-kun fall for her. SHORT-FIC.An Unexpected Romance By: whisperedthoughts. Naruto & Ino. It has been a month since Sasuke has left Konoha and Ino feels that it is time for her to move on. Story is set in autumn because spring should not be the only season for love. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Angst - Naruto U., Ino Y. - Chapters: 5 - Words: 6,402 - Reviews: 71 ...Chapter 13: Ino's Love, Sakura's Jealousy. (Italics: Thoughts/Flashbacks/Dream sequence. Bold: Title and Kyubi's/Demon's/Inner Naruto's/Inner Sakura's Speech.) Sakura had just finished her weekly training with Tsunade and man was she beat, she was also frustrated at the fact that she had not seen her teammate for an entire month, ever since ...

linkffn ( Naruto: A Deceitful God by The Omnipresent Sage) 1. BeardInTheDark. • 4 yr. ago. Due to a combination of unique life-saving technique and clan rules, Naruto ends up with Ino in Guyver Naruto. This may not really count, though, as she is not the only one who he ends up with. 1.Naruto looked down at who he had ran into and first noticed the blond hair of his long time friend Ino Yamanaka. Next he noticed that she wasn't wearing her normal ninja outfit but …

canik rival s grips Iruka sighed. "Language! And I'm not done yet. The last team is Team 7: Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto Uzumaki and Ino Yamanaka." Hinata gasped and Sakura screamed again. Ino could feel almost everyone's eyeballs boring into her skull. As she slid lower and lower in her seat, she could see Hinata fighting back tears.Eternal Sunshine By: MegaDarkly. The dry, chilly wind of winter comes to an end and the cool, balmy breeze of spring turns old leaves anew. Flowers blossoming, love blooming; Mei Terumi finds herself in a state of eternal bliss. Post-4th-War NarutoXMei. penndel hardwaretn gun country clarksville tn Heaven's Fall By: sadeyedsun. A requested rewrite based on Perfectly Imperfect Love by Swagosaurus. Set one year after Sasuke returns to the village, he and Sakura are to be married. Naruto is no longer able to hide his feelings for Sakura, and after making a scene at the wedding, vows to abandon his teammates for good in an attempt to move on. whos the old navy redhead A three year-old Naruto asked him. "They just don't see how unique you are and they're jealous." Kakashi Inu said in some truth. "Inu-sama, you're my only friend and I'm glad to have you as a friend." Naruto said. "Naruto, one day you'll be a young lady and it's an honor to be your friend." Kakashi stated.Naruto should do the same with Sakura sometime in Part 1. It gets rid of the stupid love triangle part where everyone knew Sakura didn't care about Naruto. Doing all of this for Ino, Naruto, and Hinata works better as a coming of age story. Having Hinata end up with Kiba should later echo Naruto ending up with Ino. arellano benjaminmerrill lynch money market ratesmarried at first sight season 14 alyssa Way above any average fuinjutsu master. Naruto guesses that the old sage must've known so much about fuinjutsu. When it started to get late, Sakura brought Naruto back to her house to have dinner with her and her mom again. On their way they saw Ino Yamanaka walking by. Ino at first thought she was hallucinating. Sakura had her arm clung with ...Plant full sun perennials if your garden gets at least six hours of sunlight a day. Learn about the types of full sun perennials at HowStuffWorks. Advertisement There are many reas... jordan trotter louisville ky Plant full sun perennials if your garden gets at least six hours of sunlight a day. Learn about the types of full sun perennials at HowStuffWorks. Advertisement There are many reas... road conditions interstate 65shoot indoors kop photossheetz lancaster pa narutouzumaki. # 7. Bonded Together [Ongoing] (Naruino) by Xia. 320K 6.4K 37. Due to a mysterious murdered of a baby's mother Naruto and Ino take on the role of mother and father. How would this determine and affect their further. naruto. humor. comfort. Anime/Manga Naruto. Follow/Fav falling in love. By: mintteaandstarlight. Shikamaru falls for Temari, literally. Fantasy AUish ... All was well until he started to fall asleep. After that, the branch broke. Then falling asleep was not the only type of falling Shikamaru was doing. "Oomph-" "Ow, hey!"